Questions & Answers

We prepared a short and longer version.

In short we are a hobbyist game developer studio. Consisting of a 4 member administration and a few dozen contacts through different platforms.

We beginning our activities 2022 and have a game project already in design
with funding secure. We are really excited to be able to be part of it!

Now a more profound look.

Who are we

This is going to be a very straight forward description of our intents and plans. There are several ways to earn and progress in this industry, most of them require constant reminding of oneself and when a hot spot is claimed it is held with teeth and both hands. We at OlmTeka do not endorse this atmosphere.

We rather decided for a relax hobby-like development.

What is expected

Delivering on time, we will agree on relaxed terms and we do not like timelines, but we need to work with other people, so there will be times of precision.

We do not judge your expertise level, it is a simple question of what we need delivered and if you can do it, if you can go an extra mile, we will as well. If you create and contribute, you will be rewarded without exploitation, but also do not expect to be overpaid for things that are just not researchably market-valued in that way.


As of January 2021, we managed to establish the process of copyright registration and setting up an office. We are in the process of learning and creating the IT work necessary to manage a full online company and work with team members all over the world, securely, anonymously.

Acquisitions of hardware became a little problematic, hopefully with our contacts we will not feel any significant setbacks to the established plan.

Our company will fully focus on working with Unreal Engine 4 (5) and its features This year, we will be looking into creating long-term relationships with artists and studios around the world focused on working with it. As source control, we will be using GitHub and encrypted cloud solutions, we will have a program to communicate with us and HR for management of payments and setting of tasks.

Creating assets for different markets, packages or simply blueprints, for us, for others. Multiple options of payments and contracts will be available, from direct, percentages of sales, part-time, full time, set of hours and delivery. We are flexible, depends on the need.

We require internal communication, but not social exposure, we do not plan to advertise in campaigns or massive events, we plan to expand on the success of our finished product after it is done. When the franchises are established we will see what is next through minimal engagement with our fan base.

You are free to show off your accomplishments, that is not for us to control, but the contract will have a non-disclosure agreement till we finish the project. We will support you in any way possible if you so desire and if we can afford it. Simple as that.

Little More

We are apolitical, as all people we do have our opinions, some stronger than others. When interacting with us, we will always treat you equally, but we will not accept individuals with unstable backgrounds or ideals to our projects. That will be at our discretion and we will reserve the right to do so as we are here to also support and protect a safe working environment.

I, for example, have a background in rescue clients from high-control groups, therefore we may reject candidates just on the premise of being unfortunately incompatible with our work environment, and this is not meant to be personal in any way.
I am unfortunately just experienced in that way, outside of my personal control, and that is completely unrelated to opinions or experiences of others.

Thank You for your understanding.

Now that we clarified our intent with the above accordions, lets get to the gamish talk.

FAQ About Us

1. Where are we based?
We are based in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

2. Are you a Mexican company?
I am Tabasqueno or Sureno with extensive family there, but I was not born there, I am a so-called Mexican by blood, born in Vienna, but grew up in Villahermosa since the age of 2.

3. Why so secretive?
Privacy is a human right. Or should be. We just respect it. You should too.

4. Are you a big studio?
No, we have a stable team in administration and we plan to use freelancers for contract work, long-term and on contract. A small team is better focused.

5. Did you release anything already?
As of January 2021, no. We plan to start our serious project development around January 2022.

6. What do you plan to work on?
It is an Unreal 5 multiplayer FPS with RTS and RPG-like features, a mix of collected years of experience in normal gaming. What we liked.

7. What will be the price of it?
We do not believe in exploitation of customers, we will set the price no higher than 20 USD with a monthly low subscription to cover server costs.

8. Custom content?
Yes! We are huge fans of modding! We want to make a simplified editor-plugin with documentation and easy moddable features for gamers to create their own content and host own servers as well.

9. DLC policy?
Updates, new content, maybe small pricing. No season passes and to loot boxes and expensive skin packages we can say only NO.

10. Will your games be in Spanish?
No, they will be in Mexican, and probably more. I am quite nationalist, not positively political, though.

11. Who is covering the costs? How do you make money?
We opened this branch as the third installment of our business activity. Me and my wife earn small amounts we can invest every month to our only now hobby, we do not starve, but we are not wealthy in any way. We acquired the attention of a couple of investors, no big game, to help us on the way. If all goes well, we will make it.

12. I never heard of you!
Outside of our Discord, websites and a few announcements, do not expect other than word of mouth about us.

13. You do not $#@#@ (something) and $@#@!@ (something) feelings!
Fuck off then keyboard warrior, IT avenger. 🙂 Buhuh, esto es Mexico cabron, here not even ISIS dares to act.

I hope this answers most of your urgent questions, for more just go to our Discord and ask.

Thank You!

Additionally if you are a fan of Command & Conquer, here is a repository of resources for modders & enthusiasts.
Good luck commander.