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An extraordinary experience.

September 2020 was the apex of the 2020 experience. After long months of waiting for something to change, we finally understood that changing has to come from ourselves. Surveying our options we came to the conclusion that in order to have a change in this “overcrowded” market, we should focus on slow and self-improving learning. We had to choose a topic.

We chose games.

Thanks to the good people at Totem Arts and their open community approach for modding their product, we had a great opportunity to learn and evolve the basics of what we hope will become yet another craft we master.

Using the TA SDK, an Unreal Development Kit modified version and a collection of starting assets, we can say we learned the basics of how to manage a project, how to divide team work, the basic lingo and how to search for information and tutorials. It took hundreds of hours of listening, filtering and remembering what was necessary. But we made it.

Our transition to Unreal Engine 4 with BIG plans for the 5th installment coming up this year keeps us motivated, fascinated and frankly, neither me, nor my wife have ever enjoyed working like we do by creating digital art and assets.
We knew, our strength after 12 years of managing 2 companies will be most well shown in our skills to manage projects and divide workload. Team skills and humane approach without exploitation but with fairness.

As of 2021, we have begun our serious company expansion, dealing with bureaucracy, knowing how and what to demand and how to make it without rushing for supremacy.

As Covid has taught us, it is pointless to rush and trample all along the way, life takes care of that by itself.

So let’s enjoy the ride, shall we?

You can call me OlmTeka, I am the top supervisor of the tree online companies OlmTeka Studios, Oenomaus Services and Swordz Mexicana Maestros and I deeply enjoy what I do.


Small Group Dev Team looking for Environment Artist / 3D Artist

To create a large range of assets (vehicles, characters, buildings) for an upcoming free to play mod.

The concepts are majorly present (C&C3, Kanes Wrath from the Tiberium Universe).

This project is in accordance with EA guidelines. EA will be notified of this project.

Freelancers welcome, monthly budget is aimed at supporting delivery of multiple packages or sets of assets.

Please contact anyone from the administration here on Discord or at


Vimeo and YouTube

Vimeo has been a good platform for us, YouTube is in a mix of political and cultural war, or at least in its center. That is the reason why you can find our videos on Vimeo, but a mostly empty account on YouTube. Still YT is the greatest and most expansive archive of tutorials and learning videos out there. We recommend Epic’s official courses and tutorials for Unreal Engine or the ones for Unity.

Check out our videos, for now they are a collection of our learning curve and testing, expect more serious contributions in 2021.


We gained loot!

Or in normal people’s terms, we found investors to our KiWi 2 Project! They will help us right after we finish our trademark/copyright registrations, somewhere mid 2021.

This will allow us to expose our cross-genre concepts for multiplayer shooters much sooner than expected.



Discovering ArtStation through a friends recommendation was the best thing ever happening to us at OlmTeka in terms of resources and connections.

ArtStation – Nora Von Roll
Please join us and experience the art of thousands of talented community members.



We invite you all to join our Community Discord Server, link on the main webpage on this site or

You need to have full security enabled including Two-Step Authentication to join. There are too many trolls around.